What are the haps my friends

October 8th, 2009: It's true, he had that idea like five years ago!

Today I give you warnings that we may be violating our contract with the giant squid and that raccoons have found strength in numbers and are tired of being shooed away.

This actually happened to me just recently: there were raccoons on my deck, and so I made myself all big and menacing and sort of leaped at them to scare them away. This time, however, they only took a few steps back and then started advancing on me, slowly, one step at a time. I thought "Man, I've written comics about this, I know the score" and then went inside and let them have the deck. IT'S NOT THAT GREAT A DECK, RACCOONS, SO THE JOKE IS ON YOU.

Later on they tried to figure out the lock on the door while simultaneously pressing their faces up against the glass to see inside

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One year ago today: shouts out to all the forrests and forests who emailed me yesterday with their stories. i wish they could have made him a sexy double agent instead too.

– Ryan

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