March 18th, 2010
ah yes, i see you too have hardened your imagination against out-of-bounds radness overflow exploits
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The haps: My very-smart-and-good-with-numbers friend Ben Tippett (who you probably remember from his Unified Theory of Superman's Powers from a few months ago!) has been hard at work, this time on Spider-Man, and has worked out the math necessary to present to you today How Does Spider-Man Move So Fast?, in which he proves that if Spider-Man does indeed swing from a thread (take a look overhead) then his average horizontal velocity is no faster than a cyclist, or a car in a school zone! He just LOOKS fast because we always see him at the peak of his swing, where he's closest to the ground and moving the fastest. If however he has spring-like webbing that somehow can contract when it touches a building (proposed name: "Dynamic Webbing"), then yes, he can go as pretty fast -- but such webbing would mean that Gwen Stacy couldn't have died from whiplash alone, as at its peak it applies no more force than a bungee jump! :o

You will probably like this paper!

In other news I am off to Scotland and then England, so I'll be out of the country for the next week. But there'll still be comics! Dinosaur Comics will run as usual next week, with the exception that there'll be no new comics on Fridays. I wrote all these comics in advance! whoahhhh

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