May 21st, 2010
haha, that's not true! you can still benefit from the placebo effect even if you know about it; LET YOUR FAITH IN THE AUTHORITY OF INTERNET CARTOONISTS CONVINCE YOUR BODY OF THIS
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The haps: Secrets of the Medical Profession is an occasional series I do whenever I am entrusted with a new Secret of the Medical Profession!

At the top of the page I added Utahraptor talkin' about shirts, and it works REALLY WELL with T-Rex's random panel 2 comic text link beneath him! Now it looks like T-Rex is responding to Utahraptor's shilling most of the time. You can refresh this page for for computer-generated COMEDY GOLD, or you can visit this Flickr set that Gazared put together of her favourites!

As I always say, "If you're going to have a merchandise link at the top of your site, at least make it possible for randomly-generated jokes to be made via context shifting!"

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