What are the haps my friends

August 30th, 2010: Webcomics Weekend is this November 6th and 7th in Easthampton Mass and it promises to be super excellent: it's a show featuring all webcomics, and as I suspect you to be a reader of webcomics, you might well enjoy it. I'm totally going, and you can get tickets here!

I'm in the Kitchener-Waterloo area and someone - or someONES - here is an awesome knitter. I've seen knit socks made for parking lot poles (adorable!) and just yesterday I saw that someone had knit enough to cover an entire telephone pole, which was amazing!

Knitters in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, to you I say: good work.

GUESS WHAT JUST CAME OUT: IT'S MY NEW BOOK!! If you've ever wondered what you'd do if you were stranded in the past, wonder no longer! With HOW TO INVENT EVERYTHING, you'll reinvent civilization from scratch, no matter what time period you're in. You'll become the single most influential, decisive, and important person ever born. You'll make history...


Here's the trailer!

One year ago today: let's say you have a giant heap of sand.

– Ryan

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