August 13th, 2012
if by "serious talk" you mean "serious makeouts" then yes, let's have a serious talk about our relationship right friggin' now!! i'm serious! the other restaurant patrons totally won't mind once they see how good we are at it
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The haps: Oh wow you know what we haven't done this year yet? FEEL FREE TO TALK TO ME IF I'M WEARING A DINOSAUR COMICS SHIRT DAY. Inspired by a chance meeting of two shirt-wearing people, this event is the one day when my shirts get semantically-overloaded as a conversational opener! Last year we did it in December for the Australians, but I didn't hear about ANY of them hooking up, so it's summer again for North America!

Friday August 31st, 2012 is our date. This gives you plenty of chance to order a shirt if you don't have one already, but COME ON you probably have one because look how awesome they are! And they can get you new friends, too? WHAT A STEAL

The Facebook event is here where we can all discuss our results! MARK IT ON YOUR CALENDAR

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