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What are the haps my friends

July 3rd, 2007: I've been intending to link to this article for a while! It's a story with some good coverage of webcomics and interviews with myself, Nick of The Perry Bible Fellowship, Dorothy of Cat and Girl, and Joey of A Softer World. Nice! I hope you like it.

So the last comic about steganography did indeed have a hidden message in it. The comic was larger than usual and in a different format, but that's because I was describing a way to hide information in JPG files, and so felt like I had to use a JPG file. I made the compression on it really low so that it wouldn't look ugly on the site. I got a bunch of emails from people who figured it out, and am sending the fellow who emailed me first with the solution a free t-shirt. It was a "contest" that I "didn't announce". Congratulations, Jeff!

ps here is the hidden content

FINALLY but most impressively, I wanted to point you to this news story from Howard County, where two teens wrote a perfect SAT. Ultra mega props go out to one of the teens, Russell, who in the video that goes along with the story, not only got the cameraperson to shoot a close up of his Professor Science t-shirt, but ALSO got a shot of Dinosaur Comics included too. Russell I don't know how you did it, but that made me very happy! Thank you. I will refer to you as "Russell, the coolest guy at Reservoir High School" to anyone who asks. I am already doing it mentally. Russell, the coolest guy at Reservoir High School, I hope you enjoy your education! Congratulations on the perfect SAT!

One year ago today: MORAL: if you are faced with something that doesn't seem to have a desirable solution, maybe try adding rockets! space rockets!

– Ryan

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