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What are the haps my friends

September 14th, 2007: Hey, thanks to Cracked for included me in the great company on their "8 Funniest Webcomics" list! Every comic on that list comes highly recommended from me, Ryan! Also thanks to Gene at the Washington Post, who agrees with T-Rex's opinion on "begging the question". Woo!

I got a bunch of emails yesterday and today about The Shrinking Kilogram, which tells about how the Prototype Kilogram Which You Could Steal If You Wanted is shrinking. It's funny how the mainstream news picks up on a story like this (just about every email I've received comes from a different news source) because it's not capital-N News, in that this mysterious shrinkage has been known for years. A secret cabal that controls what's "news" today, newspapermen copying and pasting each other's links like bloggers, or merely the fact that they all pull their stories off the same wire? YOU DECIDE.

Anyway if you don't know about it: the official kilogram that determines how much a kilogram weighs is evaporating and nobody knows why. That, in a phrase, is "pretty neat". That's how science adventure stories start, cats and kittens.

Also Luke emailed this news story a while back and forgot to post it! The headline says it all: Sex Quenches Thirst Of Female Beetles.

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– Ryan

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