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What are the haps my friends

September 18th, 2007: Will emailed me this a while ago and I forgot to post it: T-Rex Test Driving Some DeLoreans, based on this comic. Nice! There was also a posable paper T-Rex that was sent in a while ago and I didn't post and NOW I've lost the email! So if you sent that to me please to send it again and I won't be so dumb this time? Sorry!

Hey, in exciting news, Zip and Li'l Bit are back! This is a really excellent comic that I linked you to last year, I think. The first story, Upside-Down Me is done, and a new story, The Sky Kayak is just starting. I really love this comic.

One year ago today: one day t-rex will come up with the perfect plan for immortality and i'll present it in comic form and you guys will be all, 'cool, thanks ryan' and i'll be all 'hey no worries'

– Ryan

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