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December 14th, 2007: This weekend I thought, "I don't know enough about Spider-Man", so I spent a few hours reading Wikipedia about Spider-Man and now know I know a heck of a lot about Spider-Man. So that's something!

What I like about superhero comics in general are how they're like a chess game, where every once in a while the game ends and all their pieces go back to their starting position, and you can start again. Killed off Aunt May? No problem, we can explore how Spider-Man gets by without her for a bit, then bring her back. Batman's especially great for this, where you can have stories with Robin if you want, or without Robin, or even with your CHOICE of Robins, and nobody questions it.

Anyway DID YOU KNOW that Spider-Man in the future one day accidentally gives Mary Jane cancer because he's got radioactive semen? This is the sort of thing that Wikipedia makes up, but I verified it! Spider-Man felt real bad about this.

One year ago today: joey comeau of a softer world dot com likes will and grace, so i ask him to tell me some good 'will and grace' jokes, and he pulls out the most terrible stuff. i've barely even watched the show, but the will and grace jokes joey tells are SO BAD.

– Ryan

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