What are the haps my friends

March 18th, 2008: Guys I decided to make a Twitter account. I'm "ryanqnorth" and if you are interested in the minutia of my life then BOY, HAVE I GOT A WEBSITE FOR YOU

So your street artist friend and mine Posterchild has some shirts up through TopatoCo now! TopatoCo is the same place that sells MY shirts, so what this means is you can get a Dinosaur Comics shirt and a Posterchild shirt and hey even a sweet Dr. McNinja shirt all at once. Post has a great Native Astronaut shirt / hoodie that is coincindentally kind of related to my comic yesterday and a really fantastic I'd Hit That shirt. Oh my goodness.

yes plz

One year ago today: it's so exciting that everyone has leapt up off their seats!

– Ryan

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