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What are the haps my friends

March 31st, 2008: I got a lot of email about the teen/teams issue! Many said I was wrong saying it was "ninja teams", and just after a message like that there'd be a message saying "Wow I spent years wondering how Splinter could ever teach them how to be ninja teenagers. Thanks for clearing it up!". But I think the best message was from LJ member neologue, who took a statistical analysis of the lyrics in an attempt to figure out what is being said. Awesome.

So hey, I encourage you to listen to the lyrics (YouTube link, in case you don't have the mp3 waiting for you on your hard drive)! The way it's sung is so close to either reading that you can easily convince yourself of one or the other by just thinking "teens" or "teams" before the lyric in question comes up. In linguistics, this is called "priming". And this concludes my linking of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to my graduate work in computational linguistics.

One year ago today: if anyone reading this can make this product happen, please, feel free

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