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November 12th, 2008: I did a few updates to my site! I added some social bookmarking links beneath the comic because that is what all the cool kids were doing two years ago and now that it's well-established I can act like I knew about this all the time. Plus I find them useful! It does clutter up the design a li'l, so I may experiment with moving them around.

Also! It is the time of year where I have to remind you about Christmas. But I have an excuse! Here in online land it takes some time to ship things to you and yours, so if you want totally awesome Dinosaur Comics clothing to arrive in time for Christmas, you have to order soon. If you're shipping to a non-US address, you should order by November 30th (two weeks!) to get Christmas delivery, and if you're shipping to a US address, you don't want to push things past December 14th.

Also! New in the store and pictured above is a T-Rex's Busy Day Hoodie that is warm and huggable and awesome, which coincidentally are properties I'm sure are also shared by the person you may want to buy it for!!

One year ago today: also involved: issues of privilege, fairness, respect, and whether or not its appropriate to apologize when deciding not to give money to a stranger

– Ryan

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