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What are the haps my friends

December 16th, 2008: So octopods are terrifying and we all agree on that, but Robert emailed me to let me know that oh hey, looks like they've DEVELOPED ELBOWS AND INSANELY LONG ARMS AND LOVE TO STAR UNBLINKING AT THE CAMERA

holy crap you guys

In less terrifying news, David "Wondermark" Malki ! has a klassy kalendar for sale and I got one last year and it was totally klassy so I thought I'd let you guys know!

CHRISTMAS: If you want totally awesome Dinosaur Comics clothing to arrive in time for Christmas, you have to order soon! If you're shipping to a non-US address, we can't promise Christmas delivery anymore - but there are gift certificates! And if you're shipping to a US address, you should order before December 17th.

Also! New in the store and pictured above is the A Wizard Has Turned You Into A Whale hoodie that is warm and huggable and awesome, which coincidentally are properties I'm sure are also shared by the person you may want to buy it for!!

One year ago today: i forgot to finish the list of professions ruined by lexicalized phrases yesterday! second was people who sell apple pies to anti-americans, on account of the phrase "as american as apple pie"? oh no, wait wait, i cut that out for a reason

– Ryan

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