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What are the haps my friends

March 4th, 2009: Congratulations to the five Canadians who were selected for the YouTube symphony! It turns out there were five but I only linked to three of them. DAAANG. Congratulations to Ian, Donovan/Navonod, Stephane, Yunior and Gael!

I stumbled across Eversion, which is a little indie game that's part platformer and part puzzle and part horror. It's really good! It starts out deceptively simple but as soon as you realize what everting does, it takes on a whole new depth. Entirely charming.

SPEAKING OF GAMES, back in 1982 some kids (I'd tell you their names, but I don't see them on the site) brought one of those fancy-new tape recorders into the arcade and recorded themselves as they played games. One of these kids has become an adult and digitalized the tapes, and you can listen to them here! They're really great: ambient noise from a real arcade at their beginnings. It's pure protonostalgia for me: we never really had an arcade where I grew up, but I would read about them and dream about how awesome they were. The last one in Toronto closed down just last year, but I'm glad I got to go a few times before it did.

One year ago today: what t-rex is moving towards here is more a "richard iii iv: the perils of richard iii" sort of thing

– Ryan

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