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What are the haps my friends

June 15th, 2009: That's guest week, everyone! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I am back and a little soggy from having someone's lawn sprinklers unceremoniously turned on while I was on the premises, but it's okay. You just strip off your shirt and you go from "soggy guy" to "topless man, glistening in the ersatz rain, running a hand through his hair in what appears to be slow motion."

UPDATE! I have it on very good authority that it may have looked a little something like this.

So um, you might notice that I took the week to redesign the site! I tried to simplify and make the site look more fun. The old site didn't really scream "FUN TIMES PARTY CENTRAL", but this new site does it so every way but literally.

One big change is that these here posts are now kept archived. I went through the old RSSPECT RSS archives to recover a few year's worth of posts, so if you go back through the archives it's like they never left! Also, the T-Rex head at the top now says random phrases from the newer comics too, instead of just the older ones. THE FUTURE IS NOW.

There may still be some problems on the site: if you notice anything screwy, let me know!

One year ago today: i started this comic with a ghost/android dichotomy, before realizing that zombies fit better. androids are artificial bodies with artificial souls, and i guess we are all very concerned with whether or not the sheep they dream of are electric?

– Ryan

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