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What are the haps my friends

September 2nd, 2009: Thanks for everyone who emailed me saying that they saw themselves in yesterday's comic! It has also been brought to my attention that there are ALREADY old men who are still really big into Batman: American Senator Patrick J. Leahy was born in 1940 and is a lifelong fan of Batman. He's done voice work on the animated series, AND he's gotten a cameo in both the sucky Batman And Robin movie and also in the awesome Dark Knight film (he's the guy held at knifepoint by the Joker)!

An inspiration to future old men everywhere! Reading his Wikipedia page he sounds generally awesome overall, supporting things like same-sex marriage, voting against things like extending the PATRIOT act, and he's even been PERSONALLY cussed out by Dick Cheney. I don't know much about particular US Senators at all, so I am easily prepared to declare Patrick Joseph Leahy my #1 favourite US Senator! Mainly for Batman, but also for not being a jerk. Way to go, Patrick!

One year ago today: as he matured, "the new tattoo shoots the old one" became "the old tattoo flies out of the new one's mouth". OLD AGE, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!

– Ryan

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