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What are the haps my friends

September 17th, 2009: I got a few emails suggesting books similar to T-Rex's one from yesterday!

Anthony suggested The Ruined Map, which apparently actually features curtain-based narrator distraction (including a bit where the narrator reminisces about the curtains later), and Richard suggested That Awful Mess on the Via Merulana ("Unquestionably, it is a work of universal significance and protean genius", says the publisher! Unquestionably.)

Finally, Cy said T-Rex's story reminded him of the entire oeuvre of Harry Stephen Keeler, of whom Wikipidia notes, "Keeler is known for the MacGuffin-esque insertion of skulls into nearly all his stories. While many plots revolved around a skull or the use of one in a crime or ritual, others featured skulls merely as a side diversion, including one case where a human skull was used as a paperweight on the desk of a police detective.", which I think sounds great. Spooky skulls, you guys, all but guaranteed in every story! You can read about him here, including some e-texts of his stories: I started "When Thief Meets Thief" (Chapter One: "YOUNG LOVE - AND A SKULL" and so far there has been plenty of young love and the skull is, I'm sure, just around the corner! :0

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– Ryan

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