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What are the haps my friends

September 25th, 2009: My pal Steve Murray wrote a great descriptivist article for the National Post about National Punctuation Day, which I liked even though I think my personal preferences lean more towards diving into the arcane and beautiful rules of English than to the idle hand-wave that says "everything everywhere is fine, I GUESS". Anyway I didn't celebrate National Punctuation Day for any nation because every day is National Punctuation Day for me! Look, I used an exclamation mark right there.

So in writing this comic I looked up "be true to yourself" to see how others were using the phrase, and found this. Seriously, read it and imagine you're a murderer and all the advice totally works. There's spooky stuff like "Pretend that this is the last day on earth that you have. You know there are areas of your life that need to be cleaned up. Do some house cleaning this very day." Even the crazy stuff works, like "Don't associate with those who have different values. By associate, I mean spend free time with them. You may have to work with them, but you don't have to 'drink' from the same water fountain." Haha, what? Why would you needlessly reference such a famous and racially charged image, eHow user-contributed article author Treciagayle?

This concludes my wacky opinions


On SATURDAY, September 26th, TopatoCo is having a tag sale, which means tons of rare and discontinued internet comic t-shirts - including my own! - for sale at cheap prices! That's in Easthampton, MA.

On SUNDAY, September 27th, it's the Word on the Street festival, a free book festival that's totally rad! Like last year, I'll be at the Word on the Street: Toronto event in Queen's Park, talking about comics and answering questions with the lovely Emily Horne of A Softer World, the handsome Kean Soo of Jellaby, the talented Andy Belanger and the impressive Faith Erin Hicks. WE WILL BE SPILLING ALL SORTS OF SECRETS

One year ago today: what movies did t-rex see that were so terrible? why, the same two movies that YOU hate the most! oh my god! t-rex is So Relatable!

– Ryan

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