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What are the haps my friends

October 6th, 2009: So hey what are you doing October 16th-18th 2009? If you're like me you're coming to the (free!) ACM Reflections | Projections conference in Urbana, IL! I'm giving a talk! In fact, I've got the last talk of the day, entitled "GUYS, LOOKS LIKE IT'S WACKY TIME", in all caps, just like that. Will it truly be wacky time? Yes, absolutely. You should come!

Okay, I've gotten some neat things in the mail lately! Danielle was the one who sent me the great summer footer I use, and we got to talking and she's started this custom bike helmet painting business called Belle Helmets and they all look super great! So I ordered one and now if you see a dude on a bike with a helmet like this one that means it was me that you saw! I was that handsome man on the giant bike with the custom helmet protecting my precious and delicious brains!

So, SPEAKING OF PRECIOUS AND DELICIOUS BRAINS, a few weeks ago Matt Youngmark emailed me saying, "Hey Ryan, I wrote a book and I like your comic, can I send you a copy?" and I was all "Well honestly I'm not sure when I'd get time to read it, etc, etc" because it's true and I didn't want to promise anything I couldn't deliver. But he insisted and it turns out his book is a zombie choose-your-own-adventure style book called Zombocalypse Now where you are a stuffed bunny fighting zombies. And there's even endings where you don't die, AND I managed to find one on my very first try AND again on my third try. Clearly I am well-equipped to survive in this particular scenario! So I flip to the end of the book and there's this blurb talking about how Matt read a comic where this T-Rex from Dinosaur Comics wrote his own choose-your-own-adventure story and how he wanted to thank me for inspiring him to do the very same with his first book and I felt like the biggest jerk! Here I am, Mr. "I'm Too Busy To Read Books, Yo" when it's actually the first book ever that thanks me by name on the last page. So thank you Matt for sending me the book, and also for signing it on the first page too, which, I also flipped past in excitement to get down to the zombie fighting. I am flattered!

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