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What are the haps my friends

October 22nd, 2009: I think this is the most absurd "as you know" speech in fiction, although I look forward to it being proven otherwise.

Guys, it's me, present Ryan! Past Ryan did a good job while I was gone and the talk did indeed go really well. It should end up online eventually, and I'll link to it then!

The hosts and the people we met in Champaign were really fantastic, and afterwards we stopped by Chicago to see the sights, which was also fantastic. The only bad point was the Fairmont Chicago hotel we stayed at (we got a deal, normally it is super expensive), which charged us like $16, per day, per device, to connect to the internet. It is the worst way for a hotel to make an impression: it is like peeing into your hat before offering it to a lady, I am the lady in this example, nobody stay there is what I am saying.

Anyway I moaned about it on Twitter because complaining makes us ALL feel better, and then we went out and had fun times! We hung out with John Campbell who gave us the John Campbell Experience which cannot be described, only experienced. Recommended!!

One year ago today: "the wagon is sadness and my mode of transportation" would be a great title for an autobiography you guys

– Ryan

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