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What are the haps my friends

October 23rd, 2009: A few links just for you! I use SCIENCE too see just how sarcastic Link was on the old 80s Legend of Zelda cartoon, and Ecocomics delves into the implicit assumptions contained in T-Rex's recent love theory (this one right here!)

Finally, my street artist friend Posterchild is in NYC, and while he's been there he's been doing some guerilla gardening: planting trees in abandoned phone boxes and, similarly to the flowers he planted in Toronto, he's been planting Canadian trees in abandoned NYC newspaper boxes. What's crazy is that he planted one tree in a box for a paper called The National, a box that rustily accepted his 75 cents twice: once to open it to measure the box, and once when he returned with the tree and the planter. Post did some quick research and discovered that the reason The National only cost 75 cents while most other papers cost more: this paper folded in 1992. This empty box, this garbage, has been taking up space on the street for sixteen years before he came along and did something with it. Sixteen years, you guys! There are people reading this comic who weren't even born when this newspaper box was dumped on the streets of NYC, left there by a company that didn't care to clean up after itself. Most city governments don't care about enforcing their bylaws about this sort of thing either, and nobody else noticed because these newspaper boxes are something we've all grown to accept (company trash on the sidewalk is the price of living in a major city, right?) and something we've all learnt to ignore.

For sixteen years.

Anyway my point is trees and flowers planted in these here newspaper boxes are pretty cool

One year ago today: cut dialogue had t-rex being all, "'prejudice' is a boring word used by guidance counsellers and human resources managers. RACISM is an exciting word used by yellow journalists and tabloids!" and then utahraptor was all, "yellow journalists, huh?"

– Ryan

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