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What are the haps my friends

December 18th, 2009: Here are some dudes playing classic SNES games for charity this weekend! You can watch them play and you can donate if they defeat Andross. You don't have to wait until they defeat Andross though!

Okay so it's WINTER and I've still got that fall footer at the bottom of the page. Just like what I did for fall, I'm having a winter footer contest. Send me your best 1000x96 (it can be a bit taller if you want) image that loops, and I'll pick the winner and put it up on the site! Also, if you send in a URL I'll link to your URL with your submission.

Here's the fall version and the fall background image I use for looping. When I say "loops" I mean that the left-hand side of the image is the same as the right-hand side of the image, so when they're tiled horizontally they go together nicely. The background image is just repetitive part of the larger image without much detail to it that I can use for tiling.

Send them in if you're interested, and thanks!

One year ago today: remote-controlled cars: just as awesome as world peace? you all nodded in agreement when you read that, don't even lie

– Ryan

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