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What are the haps my friends

March 5th, 2010: If you're working on the puzzle (qwantzle?) here are some tools to help automated analysis! Paul Stansifer has released Qwantzle Data, which scraped the OhNoRobot search engine to gather Dinosaur Comics text, and then converted it into ngrams, 2grams and 3grams. Nice! I've also released the Dinosaur Comics text as XML, which might help you, though it's pretty redundant given the work Paul's already done! I haven't cleaned the XML so there's some duplicate entries, etc.

Also! In doing this I noticed there were transcriptions missing, which led me to discover I'd messed up the ONR code on this site for like a month! So that's fixed now, although this little bit of added data won't really make that much of a difference for puzzle solving.

Finally, a lot of the entries I've seen are getting closer! People have hit on some key phrases that are in the solution, though of course with anagrams it's impossible to tell whether you're close or not. So here's one more hint: there's only one sentence in the solution, so the two exclamation marks appear right after each other. And don't forget the clues I gave earlier!

One year ago today: this comic establishes in continuity that t-rex refers to his fingers as "pinkie" and "thumb". so um, neither name makes a lick of sense

– Ryan

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