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What are the haps my friends

April 6th, 2010: Guys, thank you so much for the spring footers! There were tons of good ones and it was hard to choose just one. You can see the one I went with at the bottom, but here's all the others!

Ruth and her brother made this pastoral scene featuring A DEER and SOME BUNNIES
Joshua made this pastoral scene A BUCK and A LADY
Brandon made this pixelicious scene
Paul made boththis scene and its "everything is on fire" variant
Dawn made this lovely, hilly view
Tim made this give-away secrets footer
Andrea knows there are several meanings of the word "spring"
Sarah likes to fly kites
Scott added a bunny, because "even friggin' a-holes like bunnies" (true)
Danielle showed T-Rex and Utahraptor hatching, which I find to be adorable
Octavi drew this kite, house, tree, comet, some flowers, and bugs, which was very close to being the one I chose!
And finally, Ashlea made this pixely version I went with!

Thanks everyone for the awesome footers!

One year ago today: you know how friday's comic was all about power ballads? I AM STILL LISTENING TO POWER BALLADS AND HAVE NO REGRETS (ABOUT POWER BALLADS)

– Ryan

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