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What are the haps my friends

April 8th, 2010: Guys I wanted to put up a comic today but this trip is taking it out of me, I'm sorry! Instead here's a new mask like the ones created beneath this comic - this one is by Tony and uses watercolours! It's butiwouldraterbereading=onedoneinwatercolours - I've gotten quite a bit of these masks, so I'll probably put new ones up every Friday for the next little while. So with one way of looking at it, there is not a new comic today, but sixteen thousand and eighty-eighty new ones! That is a weird way to look at it though and there'll be a real new comic Monday.

I'll be at the MoCCA comics festival this weekend at the TopatoCo booth with tons of awesome people! You should come! It's in NEW YORK CITY, "concrete jungle where dreams are made of", listen I'm not sure what that phrase means but I think it changes subjects mid-way through.

I forgot to mention with the spring footers that Donnie sent in one, and then animated it. ENJOY

One year ago today: now HERE is a first two panels business card

– Ryan

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