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What are the haps my friends

April 13th, 2010: So I drove back from MoCCA yesterday and got a speeding ticket from an actually very nice NY State Trooper, and while I was speeding a little (like, 5 mph?), the ticket is for going 91 mph in a 65 mph zone, which actually makes this the Impossible Ticket, as that's faster than my old car can go -- especially when loaded down with DUDES and COMICS. The problem is if I want to contest it I've got to make an appearance in a NY State Court, which is both far away and a huge hassle. But then I thought, does Batman think justice is a huge hassle? He probably only thinks it sometimes.

Anyway all thoughts of this were forgotten quickly because I remembered that I put one of those growing skeletons in the bathtub before I left, three days ago! This skeleton was giant and promised to grow up six times his initial size - that is as big as a full-size skeleton then! Here was the before shot. I was SO EXCITED.

But then, when we got home, did I find him enormous, his head poking out the front door while his feet poked out the rear? Did I find this? No that would be rad, I found this. SO DISAPPOINTING.

I'm going to leave him in the tub for a week so he can think about what he did, and if that doesn't work, I'm going to start Experimenting. I hope you can read this, Disappointing Skeleton, because one way or another, you ARE going to end up six times your initial size. Oh yes.

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– Ryan

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