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What are the haps my friends

July 28th, 2010: I decided to write about SDCC in several parts so as to not make an extremely long post! On the first day I met an extremely excellent lady who had an extremely excellent tattoo starring someone you might recognize! I rate this tattoo: ENTIRELY EXCELLENT. We also found a book called "Gay's Anatomy" (NSFW? Maybe?) which I really liked because of the pun and maybe you will too? GAYS ANATOMY, you guys!

Finally, I got a few emails about yesterday's comic wondering how T-Rex could travel BACK in time to the Titanic's sinking if he's in dinosaur times. The answer is that he was referring to the Dinosaur Titanic, an entirely different ship with a very similar story and he was just dropping the "dinosaur", the same way as when he refers to Dinosaur Bill Cosby or Dinosaur Last Thursday. It is an entirely satisfying explanation!

One year ago today: you may not like this comic, but your kids are gonna love it. IF YOU BRING THEM UP RIGHT

– Ryan

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