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What are the haps my friends

August 12th, 2010: Guys I totally got married this weekend (hooray!), and some of my Comics Palz have done awesome strips for me! I get a week of WEDDED BLISS and you get a week of totally sweet comics. ACTUALLY, I get the wedded bliss AND the sweet comics, but you're still coming out of this in pretty good shape too. Enjoy!

ALSO: Sam and I have a "who is better at New Super Mario Brothers" competition and he thinks he's won, but it's only because I felt bad for him and let him win a game once. It was like playing against an adorable puppy who only hits the buttons only by accident. Eventually you start to feel bad for bringing your A game, you know?

ALSO ALSO: Thanks for the comic, Sam!!

One year ago today: if you re-read the comic again with "girlfriend" you will see that t-rex has had a great dating history. no regrets!

– Ryan

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