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What are the haps my friends

September 8th, 2010: So, I kinda feel bad for the French Alliance, seeing as we TOOK THEM DOWNTOWN SO HANDILY yesterday. We've now got 100 more people than their precious "Alliance", and almost twice the number of members the ENTIRE NATION of France has. Good work, everyone! We're now the 8th biggest team on the planet.

And here's where we rewrite history, Big Brother style. There was never a war with France. Instead, Slashdot has always been our enemy. We're only a hundred and five members away from overtaking them. From taking them down. From SLASHDOTTING THEM even though that's not really what slashdotting means anyway POINT IS: if you haven't signed up yet, you should! Join our distributed computing team, help cure cancer, and help show some uppity tech news website what REAL websites are made of.

Finally: hooray for all the new members! In terms of computing we're doing, our numbers have more than doubled in the past week. We're doing over a year's worth of productive computing every day. Amazing!

One year ago today: sometimes a bunch of us get together and call ourselves "the smiletime gang" and this summer we all awarded each other medals that say "#1 Friend"! SORRY EVERYONE, MEMBERSHIP TO OUR AWESOME GANG IS BY INVITATION ONLY

– Ryan

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