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What are the haps my friends

November 1st, 2010: Folks are getting their copies of Machine of Death in the mail! When you get yours, you can join our new MOD Facebook page and post pictures of you and your book and then SEE WHAT HAPPENS (generally the picture gets uploaded to the site and shared with other members).

Also: I've got a new mug! MY VERY FIRST. You will probably like it, especially if you liked this comic!

I'll go right out and say it. It is basically the perfect mug for you and yours. You heard it here first: on the internet.

One year ago today: spent a long time deciding whether to write "captain crunch cereal" or "cap'n crunch cereal", in the end wikipedia cast the deciding vote when it said that "captain crunch cereal" didn't actually exist, and that the cereal and the eponymous character go by the contraction exclusively. NOW U KNOW

– Ryan

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