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November 3rd, 2010: Guys I don't want to alarm you but the Kindle version of Machine of Death is now out! It's only 9.99, it's DRM-free and you can buy it anywhere in the world. And you can still buy the print version of Machine of Death, if you want!

Because we are such savvy businessmen, today is ALSO the day we announce that the free PDF version of Machine of Death is also available. This is the complete book, too. As we say on the site:

Aren’t we worried about hurting our book sales?

In a word: no. You have proven time and again that you are willing to pay for content that you find valuable. You have shown that you are driven to share material that you fall in love with. And we are committed to ensuring that you can experience our work whether you can afford to buy a book or not; whether you live in a country that Amazon ships to or not; whether you have space in your life for a stack of paper or not.

It's pretty much the same philosophy that drives David and me putting our comics up on this here internet for free.

By the way, if you've already ordered the print version, we'll send you the eBook version for free. Simply email before this Friday and let us know what format you want (Kindle, ePub, rich text, PDF although you can just download the PDF version for free) and we'll get back to you ASAP! If you haven't heard from us yet, don't worry we can only send out so many emails a day: Gmail is throttling us because we've sent so many!

AND ALSO: the podcast! This is the super exciting part, even more super exciting than the previous parts. We've recorded each of the stories in the book and we've turned that into a podcast, with a new story every week! You can stream the story online, or subscribe to it in iTunes! If you're not using iTunes, has the podcast too!



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