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What are the haps my friends

December 14th, 2010: And that concludes my/Utahraptor's little south pole story! It's a really interesting story / time in the world, and though I tried to hit the highlights here, there's tons more amazing things about it. Scott's last letter to his widow is one of them: he starts out comparatively optimistic, but as time goes on he keeps extending the letter, saying "Since I wrote those words, x and y bad things have happened" until he's certain he's saying his final goodbyes. Incredibly moving stuff. There's a bit in the letter where he tells her to remarry and not to be too proud to accept help: when it was published, about £5.5 million (when converted to today's currency) was raised for the families, which is just huge.

Anyway there you have it!

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One year ago today: this comic started life as a "old web design elements: where are they now", but man, those horizontal bars that look like they're cutting through websites are clearly the best part and high water mark of that or any other possible design aesthetic

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