What are the haps my friends

December 21st, 2010: If you're in Toronto tonight, I hope you're coming to my holiday party / book launch / secret Santa at Pauper's Pub! It's at 7:30 at 539 Bloor St W, and we'll be on the second floor having an awesome time and eating some free food. You can get the new Dinosaur Comics book without shipping, AND I'll sign it for you and draw in a little T-Rex. It is a good last-minute gift for anyone who likes jokes! AND EVERYONE LIKES JOKES; THAT IS WHAT UNITES US

Joey Comeau of A Softer World will do a little interview with me too: he knows all my secrets.

One year ago today: the phrase is also oddly named because it suggests the involvement, even though he didn't help, of our mutual friend bubba

– Ryan

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