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What are the haps my friends

January 12th, 2011: While yesterday's comic APPEARED to suggest an ending for T-Rex or at least someone who looks like him (and actually was an idea I had kicking around for the Last Dinosaur Comic Ever until I decided: NOPE) there are many alternate readings of it! Peter "TuneCore" Wells sent me a few:

"COOL: That's just our usual hero T-Rex brought back to life by the amazing technology of our far future, and living as free and happy as he can in a museum with a paleontology wing that periodically closes, giving him a few hours of night-time privacy, then TOO COOL.

"COOLER STILL: If everything and everyone in this strip was in that museum, including the house, the car, and the human, who in this far future are as anachronistic as a neanderthal would be to us today.

"COOLEST OF ALL: This far future is so advanced it's all post-Singularity, we're all in virtual space, anything can be resurrected, and still, for some reason we cannot with our primitive minds comprehend, parts of this space have to "close in five minutes."

Any of these seem entirely plausible

One year ago today: a DELETED SCENE had T-Rex going to Tiny Towne Island to help name Mr. Tusks' hypothetical son, one Tiny Tusks, Junior.

– Ryan

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