What are the haps my friends

January 28th, 2011:

  • THING ONE: The commas there in panel five are to avoid garden path sentences, which would've resulted for more than a few people when they read "when he tries to drink the water moves". LINGUISTICS!
  • THING TWO: Save your discarded hair... for SCIENCE.
  • THING THREE: You can get signed copies of my new AND awesome book! It's for this week only.

    You can get the book signed to whoever you want AND you can specify what clothes you want T-Rex to wear. I WILL DRAW T-REX IN THE HAT OF YOUR CHOOSING. This is the future, and we live in it!

  • THING FOUR: I'll be in New England this Saturday (tomorrow!) for this event, featuring video games! WILL YOU???

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– Ryan

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