What are the haps my friends

March 14th, 2011: Japan is still recovering from that terrible earthquake and tsunami, please consider a donation to the Red Cross (American, Canadian, British) to help!

Two more translations of Wednesday's comic! Daniel took Becky's Hebrew translation and touched it up some, adding in some common Hebrew colloquialisms, and then laid it out right-to-left, just like the language itself! AMAZING:

And Aonghus is a first-language speaker of Irish, and sent me the comic translated into that!

There's no word for "heteroflexible" in Irish so Aonghus got to invent it: "heitreasol├║btha", which he says "means heteroflexible, but also it means... something like heterostretchy", which is the best description for a sexual orientation I have heard in a whole month of Sundays.

One year ago today: sometimes you need to look in the mirror and say "my friend, i won't talk about last week if you don't."

– Ryan

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