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What are the haps my friends

March 31st, 2011: SOME NEW THINGS

  • It's spring! There's a new spring footer at the bottom of the site featuring T-Rex and a sunflower flipping out! It's by Danielle, who also makes some pretty amazing bike helmets. AND SPRING IS THE PERFECT TIME TO BIKE, COINCIDENCE? YES BUT IT'S A GOOD ONE
  • The FBI is looking for help decrypting some notes; as there were a lot of good guesses for the Qwantzle (STILL UNSOLVED), maybe you'd enjoy a new, more productive challenge?
  • Once you've enjoyed the pretty pictures at the bottom of this page and helped out the FBI, maybe you want to contribute to SCIENCE? While also talking about SEXY TIMES? Oh man well have I got the short task for you: Porn, run by actual academics, is trying to get data on how people react to pornography, a subject which hasn't really been studied that much before and generally just gets by on a lot of assumptions. The survey is anonymous!
  • Wee Rex still wants to be pals!
  • Yesterday when I said to everyone that "[that top] looks really nice on you" it turned out that I included a few topless people in that statement; if you ask me if I have any regrets the answer is NO

One year ago today: this one seems kinda preachy, but i think it always sounds preachy when you're saying "hey, hate's kinda weird, huh?" anyway, i hate like three different game design choices in mario sunshine so who am i to talk

– Ryan

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