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What are the haps my friends

April 7th, 2011: Remember a few months back when my friend Allene auditioned for the YouTube Symphony Orchestra and won? I never linked to the performance! Here is the performance! Allene played a lot of good notes; good work Allene!

In regards to yesterday's comic about pranking the future, Harold sent me this article about the Canadian merchant ship SS Mount Temple, which was captured by Germany in 1916, during the Great War. The Germans took the passengers hostage and then sunk the boat, unaware that the hold was full of dinosaur skeletons bound for England.

Harold's comment on the article ended up published in the June 2010 issue of Smithsonian magazine:

I've always wondered what kind of conclusion might be drawn by future (perhaps non-human) paleontologists who unearth the remains of a museum and find skeletons of many species of dinosaurs gathered there. Perhaps the dinosaurs lived in these buildings, or worked there? Finding that they apparently crewed seagoing vessels will confuse matters even more.

NICE WORK, EVERYBODY. I think we nailed this one.

One year ago today: this comic will appear insane to anyone unfamiliar with dinosaur comics. ATTENTION, NEW READERS: if you go back and read 7 years of strips, you'll at least know who's talking in the last panel (ps it's shakespeare) (and he is written as a SULLEN TEEN)

– Ryan

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