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What are the haps my friends

April 28th, 2011: I have been talking about myself here all week! Time to mix that up with another installment of OTHER PEOPLE'S BOOKS:

Zach Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Weiner (his full legal name) has his first book coming out, and you can pre-order it today! This is super exciting. Zach does the best comics, he has done the best guest comics for me, and he is the best guy. If you love my comics you'll love his too! It's a good thing you can read more than one comic a day otherwise I would have to disappear Zach and take his place (we already look similar and both spend most of our time topless, one of us may one day replace the other entirely by accident). Save Yourself, Mammal!

Drew Toothpaste For Dinner Drew (again, full legal name) who also does the best comics, has put out a novel called "Veins" which I read last night in one sitting because I liked it THAT MUCH. The paperback edition comes out in a few weeks but for now you can read a preview and buy the Kindle edition for $5, which is a great price. It's rare that a book makes me laugh out loud, but Veins did it several times in rapid succession, and I also text messaged some of the best lines to my friends and then read a snippit to my wife before bed. Last night I was ALL ABOUT this book, you guys. I recommend it! Veins (also on Kindle)!

This concludes this edition of OTHER PEOPLE'S BOOKS!

One year ago today: panel four is unusual in that the dialogue you're supposed to read first is at the right side of the panel, but the comic works no matter which order you read that panel's dialogue in. this is because i am a MASTER WORDSMITH WRITING INTERNET GUY DUDE

– Ryan

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