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May 11th, 2011: It was brought to my attention by Rocketbride at TCAF that "Dromiceiomimus" is now a discredited name, and from now on what we called "Dromiceiomimus" is now called "Ornithomimus". Dromiceiomimus joins Brontosaurus in the "dinosaur names we don't have anymore" club, and if I'd done my comic starring Dromiceiomimus, Brontosaurus and Torosaurus I would be in a lot of trouble right now.

This comic also makes canon the sketch that Tim sent me on Twitter when this news broke!

Anyway whatever MY Dromiceiomimus is still called "Dromiceiomimus" because that is her NAME

One year ago today: sometimes when i write email text for the comic i talk myself up so then when people write me it looks like THEY'RE talking me up instead. not an apology, just an observation

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