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What are the haps my friends

July 29th, 2011: According to my records (every word T-Rex has ever said committed indelibly to memory, complete with UCT timestamps), the last time T-Rex's hot water heater broke was in 2004.

It was a very exciting day for me on Twitter yesterday!

UPDATE: Some people are emailing me saying that T-Rex's "hot water heater" is like him saying "ATM machine" or "OPP Police". To them I can only give this extremely satisfying explanatory sequence of events that I did not just make up on the spot!

  • municipal water enters house
  • some water goes into an on-demand water heater, which provides an output of 3 gal/min
  • shower and other uses demand 9 gal/min, so the water heater would not be able to keep up
  • as such, the water heater outputs to a secondary bin, a buffer of hot water that is kept hot
  • this is the "hot water" heater that is mentioned in the comic
  • this is definitely what happened in dinosaur times
  • the end, my credibility stays intact!

One year ago today: like most everyone with a titanic story, I made a "Britannic" sequel. nowhere to go now but to the ol' reliable RMS Olympic! and then to the alternate-universe HMS Gigantic? and then the futuristic HMHoverS Gigantic 3000. anyway, i got plans

– Ryan

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