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August 4th, 2011: Last night I went to the launch for Ray Fawkes' One Soul, a really exciting comic where he explores 18 interweaving lives from birth to death, each one told in a single panel in the same position of every 18-panel 2-page spread. You read the book once to get the narrative, and then you can read "through" the book again by reading only a chosen panel on each page to follow a single life. When characters die, their panel goes black, and a separate story is told in those black panels.

It's a really exciting book and in his talk Ray explored working with limits and doing something that had never been done in comics before, and wanting to prove people wrong who said the medium has already done all it can (who would say that? CRAZY PEOPLE.) I've only read 16 or so pages so far and already it's a surprising and deeply rewarding book - I really recommend it!

One year ago today: it also means that my dad met me and decided i WASN'T a dud and that he totally had to make me happen

– Ryan

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