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What are the haps my friends

August 31st, 2011: So after the wedding I borrowed David Malki's iPad to do some important and serious research. Today on Twitter he posts Hmm it seems SOMEONE added articles to my Instapaper when they borrowed my iPad (picture included) and then WHO IN THE WORLD COULD IT HAVE BEEN (again, with picture). If only I could've avoided leaving my calling card (links to myself) then he could've learnt about fat horses without knowing who gave him this great gift!!

PS: I would like to point out that in those pictures David has ALREADY visited "fat_horse2.jpg", "Fat_Muscle_Horse_by_Big_Wolf.jpg" and "Mixed chubbies at"; take from that what you will


Holy crap I think I made the best poster:

One year ago today: the sinister forces that control the world are actually just one super needy guy

– Ryan

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