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What are the haps my friends

March 23rd, 2012: So I've been linking to the Dinosaur Comics Fridge Magnets the past few days and Max emailed me with The DINOSAUR COMICS FRIDGE MAGNETS GAME:

Just thought when recommending the fridge magnets (like today) you may want to mention the classic Dinosaur Comics fridge magnet game. The game is played similarly to charades, however the silent person instead of miming to describe the film/book etc arranges the magnets. Give it a go, hours of fun to be had, and entirely re-purposes the magnets (Also magnets make it a travel friendly alternative to charades for when you're on a train and really want to convey what film you're talking about without speaking)

This is awesome! I am going to try out this game ASAP.

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– Ryan

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