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What are the haps my friends

June 11th, 2012:

You'd like to know how to survive frostbite, a failing parachute, and how to fend off dinosaur attacks right? If you're a boy, I mean. Because if you're a girl then your interests necessarily run more towards how to survive a fashion disaster, how to pick the perfect sunglasses, and how to show you're sorry. At least according to Scholastic!

Scholastic did respond to the criticism about these insanely sexist pair of childrens' books on Friday, but it boiled down to "wow you guys sure do have opinions, these books haven't even sold that well anyway, check us out on Pinterest".

Not even joking. And if they'd just theme the books as "outdoors" and "social situations" instead of "boys only" and "girls only" this wouldn't even be a problem - that's what makes this so frustrating. There's good information in both books for children of any gender.

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– Ryan

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