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What are the haps my friends

June 18th, 2012: So I wrote this comic without realizing that ICANN has posted the complete list of new global TLDs they're considering. Take a look at that list if you want to be depressed! There's .dog (but no .dogs, expect to be the only decent thing that comes out of this), but get ready for a future where .WTF and .LOL are a real thing (gah), you get spam mail for .APARTMENTS domain names, and Apple thinks they're so cool because they're the only ones who can sell iPhones at HEYBROYOUHADBETTERGETA.APPLE but Microsoft thinks THEY'RE way cooler because they got .MICROSOFT, .HOTMAIL. .WINDOWS and .BING.

Also there's an application for .BAREFOOT; that is the only good/mystifying thing to come out of this. This is what happens when you open up the gTLD namespace but make the rules such that so only giant rich corporations can even afford to apply: you get .COOKINGCHANNEL and .FINANCIALAID and .AFAMILYCOMPANY (ie: the TLD namespace itself now polluted with advertisements and slogans) and not even a single application for .BONERS or .WHATEVERDUDES.

Sincerely, Ryan, ps: check out my comics in 2013 at their new dynamic address on this internet we've built for ourselves: QWANTZ.CASHBACKBONUS

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– Ryan

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