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November 26th, 2012: The last time I posted here about To Be Or Not To Be we'd just unlocked an audiobook version. Since then we've unlocked new artists, a PREQUEL STORY, and directed me to start writing a sequel too. It has been a Crazy Weekend, and you guys are amazing.

The prequel will be a Kickstarter-exclusive book called Poor Yorick: a chooseable-path mini adventure that takes place BEFORE Hamlet, leading into the action of To Be Or Not To Be. We're 25 years in the past and alas, poor Yorick: you're broke! While you may be a man of infinite jest and most excellent fancy, THAT DON'T PAY THE BILLS. Your one hope is an opening at the royal court for a jester. Seems easy enough: the listing says your responsibilities are " entertain Kid Hamlet and also to not end up dead at every turn". Will you survive? Or will you end up in a shallow grave?


(ps: it's through To Be Or Not To Be!)

One year ago today: the first time traveller who visited the titanic wanted to test out his new "iceburgo attracto 4000" device, and... THE STORY BEGINS

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