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What are the haps my friends

December 19th, 2012: There are less than forty-eight hours to get in on my choose-your-own-path version of Hamlet, called To Be Or Not To Be! The Kickstarter has gone amazingly well, and we've unlocked some amazing things, including printing the book in full colour! It will be a beautiful book with illustrations by all of the awesome people. And if you'd like to get it as a last-minute gift for Christmas, we can hook you up with a Kickstarter-exclusive ecard you can send while you wait for the book to arrive in May!

If you have already backed the book: thank you so much! Please continue sharing the link with your friends and also strangers you run into that seem open to Shakespearean branching-narrative structures.

One year ago today: sometimes the wacky jerk will interrupt the music to brag to you about how he's not interrupting the music. i think he MIGHT be touched in the head.

– Ryan

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