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October 29th, 2013: Yesterday I asked about the number of dogs required to pull a T-Rex, and a bunch of you emailed me your calculations! Here's Nick's, which walks you through his numbers:

This is really more Randall Munroe's purview but here goes:

The best estimates for the weight of a T. rex is apparently around 9 tons (8,164 kg because we're not barbarians here). I'm going to go with the Siberian Husky for "sled dog" since that's just what I picture when I think "sled dog." It's hard to estimate how much a Siberian Husky can pull: the page for this company that offers dogsled rides(!) gives a weight limit of 75 pounds (34 kg) per dog, but then again there's this video claiming that a Husky has the strenght [sic] to pull more than ten times her own weight (160-270 kg) without a problem. I'm going to err on the side of caution here and say they're pulling 35 kg each.

But I figure we're going to need a T. rex-sized dogsled. Assuming the weight of the sled is proportional to the weight it carries, using Peacepups' figures the sled needs to be about 1/12 of the weight it's carrying, or 680 kg in this case. This gives us a total weight of 8,844 kg, which would take 253 sled dogs to pull. I'm awful at drawing and I don't have access to a scanner, but please enjoy this picture I GIMPed up:


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