What are the haps my friends

March 3rd, 2017: So far nothing mysterious has happened in March, but we're literally only three days in, so FINGERS CROSSED.

One year ago today: Wikipedia says "In 1869, while doing experiments searching for the location of the soul, German physiologist Friedrich Goltz demonstrated that a frog that has had its brain removed will remain in slowly heated water, but an intact frog attempted to escape the water when it reached 25 °C". I hereby nominate Friedrich Goltz for the CREEPIEST SCIENTIST 1869 award. Can you imagine walking in on your buddy who is slowly boiling an ALIVE FROG whose BRAIN HE HAS ALREADY REMOVED, and when you ask him what the hell is going on, he just stares at the frog and whispers something about "trying to find its soul"?? Screw you, Goltz! I don't need none of this crap!!

– Ryan

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